Founded in 2013, Eichenthal Fellows is focused on providing talented college students with experience and exposure to public interest careers. 

Why A Fellowship?

David Eichenthal spent most of his professional life working in government and the non-profit sector.   In New York, after running for the New York City Council right after graduating from law school, he spent a dozen years in New York City government – eventually serving as Chief of Staff to the City’s second highest elected official.  After moving to Chattanooga, he served as City Finance Officer and went on to lead the Ochs Center for Metropolitan Studies, a regional think tank focused on public policy.

David started his career though as an intern – working for New York City government, a local community development corporation, the New York State Assembly and the Manhattan District Attorney. Those early experiences and opportunities helped to shape his career.  So throughout David’s career in public service, he has always sought to provide similar opportunities to a next generation of public servants in internships and first or second jobs out of college.  Former interns and staff include senior federal officials, elected officials, top local government department heads and others.

In 2012, to celebrate David’s 50th birthday and 25 years in public service, David and his former interns and staffers came together to create the Eichenthal Fellows program —  to formalize their commitment to the next generations of public servants by creating a program for college juniors and seniors to work for some of the best public interest non-profit organizations in David’s two hometowns, Chattanooga and Brooklyn.



2 Fellows. 10 Weeks. $4,000 stipend. 

The Eichenthal Fellows program provides financial support ($4,000 per fellow) for undergraduate students to participate in summer internships at nonprofit organizations focused on public interest and policy issues. Each year, two fellowships - one in Chattanooga, TN and one in Brooklyn, NY - will be awarded to motivated undergraduate students that have demonstrated an interest in nonprofit, public interest, or public policy work. Fellowships last 10 weeks throughout the summer and provide participating students with professional, project-focused experience in effective organization working to address a range of community issues. 

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